Posted below are homework assignments. Remember these are listed for the convenience of the parents and students; however, it is the student's responsibility to write down homework assignments in class.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Grade 7

Writing: finish teacher e-mail (if you have access)

Social Studies: plickers quiz tomorrow

*return Tuesday Envelope tomorrow morning

*wear PE uniform, bring school uniform

Grade 8

*Spanish & Computers today--see Wednesday's homework

August 21, 2019

Grade 7

Spelling: Lesson 1-2

Reading: "Maria's First Day of School" -- answer 10 m/c questions

Speech: read article

Religion: finish Gospel writers notes p 24, 26

Writing: finish teacher e-mail

Social Studies: pre-reading Ch 1 - Thurs., Plickers Quiz-Friday

Grade 8

Writing: finish MLA flip book due Friday

Grammar: Lesson 6-41 (Showbie) #1-9 highlight the prepositional words

August 20, 2019

Grade 7

Spelling: Lesson 1-1

Reading: annotate "Maria's First Day"

*return Tuesday Envelope by Friday

Grade 8

Spelling: Lesson 1-2

Grammar: Lesson 6-40

Writing: email a teacher following etiquette

August 19, 2019

Grade 7

Spelling: Lesson 1-1

Grammar: CW--Lesson 6-38, act out prepositions, No HW

Literature: annotate "Maria's First Day of School"

Social Studies: sign syllabus, All About Me, finish comp book, Plickers quiz(Friday)

return iPad form (yellow)

return 1st trimester goal sheet (pink)

return Summer Reading form

*wear PE uniform; bring school uniform

Grade 8

Spelling: Lesson 1-1

Grammar: CW--Lesson 6-39, no HW

Literature: CW- notes in notebook on Suspense

August 14, 2019

Grade 7

*Cover your books

*Turn in Summer Reading form

*9:00 Mass tomorrow

*Turn in Summer Reading assignment

Grade 8

*turn in Summer Reading assignment

*turn in Summer Reading form