November 2, 2017

posted Nov 2, 2017, 3:29 PM by Erin Fuelscher
Grade 7
Speech: Gettysburg Address  
Religion: finish Canary CW "Stories that Teach" & " Parables of Jesus"
L. Arts: finish CW  Blast "The Race for Gold" & Patriotism CER                                 
** Check PowerSchool for missing work

* $5 Halloween carnival donation       
* concert report? 
* update iPad-- IOS 11.0.3.
* earbuds with audio jack
* unbirthday?
* organize Notability

Grade 8      

*finish CW: Patriotism CER; draft ready to edit on Monday
*Patriotism final due Wed. or Thurs.
*return Lord of the Flies book

** Check PowerSchool for missing work