November 20, 2017

posted Nov 20, 2017, 3:17 PM by Erin Fuelscher
Grade 7
Speech: Gettysburg Address; spelling? 
Religion: Act of Contrition  
            CW - p 97-98 Sections A & C, online quiz (Canary)
            HW- study for test; Ch 5 tomorrow    
**Science: bring jar on 11/29                 

* Good Free Dress
* NO hot lunch tomorrow
* hot dog buns
* concert report? compare/contrast?
* bring in $1 for Thanksgiving Food Drive (if you forgot)
* bring back signed report card envelope & green conference form

Grade 8      
CW-- poem "Merry Autumn"
    --Grammar: NoRedInk
    -- "Annabel Lee" in StudySync: read, annotate, (p.68-70), think & SyncTV

*return Lord of the Flies book