March 1, 2018

posted Mar 1, 2018, 2:20 PM by Erin Fuelscher
Grade 7
Speech: King (Green) on Thursday 3/8

Religion: Rice Bowl collection 
            *snackless Friday
            - study the Beatitudes
            - finish CRS-Nicaragua (Canary)

Social Studies:  Ch 16 test on Friday; letter due Friday
Literature: "The Hunger Games"
                    read & think questions (discuss)
Spelling: Unit 5-1 (label the words in the word bank)
                        -complete the crossword

* Tuesday Envelope due Friday AM
* work signature due Friday AM
* wear PE uniform, bring school uniform

* Tie-Dye on Tuesday March 6th for class color day
        - bring a white t-shirt 

* check PowerSchool for missing work

Grade 8
(from class on Tuesday)
Writing: Blast
Spelling: Lesson 20-2

* check PowerSchool for missing work